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Another popular phone scam making the rounds

Monday, March 23, 2015 15:42

Warn_GlobeUsers should be aware of a recently reported phone scam. In the scam, the victim is called by a person claiming to be from the police department and threatening arrest of the victim for loan fraud. The scammer then demands the victim wire money via Western Union, MoneyGram, or Greendot to avoid prosecution. Often these scams are conducted using technology that masks the callers real location, spoofing a local number.

This scam uses the seeming weight of authority, of law enforcement, to con victims out of money. No legitimate law enforcement agency would use such tactics. In a similar vein, scammers may try to impersonate an IRS agent or other federal agent, claiming “tax fraud”, to con a victim.

Users are advised, as with online scams and spam, to not respond to these calls and not engage with the scammer, and, if they receive such a call, to note down what details about the call they can (names, and numbers) and contact the local authorities with what information they can provide.

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