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Possible Phone Scam

Monday, August 3, 2015 15:42

Warn_GlobeAn old telephone scam appears to be resurfacing that we would like you to be aware of.

You receive a series of hang-up calls with no CallerID information.
You then receive a call with CallerID information.
You call the number back and it rings a long time and then you get a voicemail greeting and/or music.

What just happened?
You were tricked into calling back a number that is set up to charge-back to the originating number (you or ISU) a flat fee + a per minute additional fee.
The cost of the fees can be staggering and since you have no control over foreign governments or utilities, you/ISU will not have a recourse other than to pay whatever you/ISU were charged.

How to avoid many of the most common telephone scams:

– Never call back a hang-up-call from a number when you do not know who called you.
– Never return a call when you have received a voicemail message when you do not have a relationship with the caller.
– Never return a call when you receive a voicemail message stating you have won something.
– Never give out personal or sensitive information to anyone when you do not know who they are.
– If someone calls you and says they are your bank, credit union, utility, etc. and they say they represent a company you normally have dealings with and they ask you for personal
or sensitive information, (username, passwords, security phrases, security questions, etc) to verify they are talking to the right person, hang up. They would not ask those questions.
– If someone calls and leaves a voicemail message and says they are from your bank, etc. do not call back the number they leave if it is not the published customer service number of your bank, etc.