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Welcome Back ISU! Are you up-to-date?

Monday, August 24, 2015 16:12

Anonymous_NetworkThe campus is coming to life. Students are once again wandering the halls and sidewalks of ISU, and faculty and staff are returning from their summer breaks. With the break of summer many systems and machines on campus are being powered back on for the first time since the end of Spring semester. While these systems were powered down the world kept moving forward. Flaws in software were discovered and patched, new exploits were uncovered by persons with both good and bad intent, and in general updates to software were introduced over the summer. Have you checked to make sure your software is up-to-date?

The major operating systems, Windows, MacOS, and Linux have all released updates over the last few months involving updates to the security of the systems. Major flaws were patched in the protocols and platforms the systems used to connect and communicate with the local network and the internet. While, in general, these systems will update automatically when they’re turned on, err on the side of caution and double check that your system’s “Auto-update” features are enabled.

Many third-party applications also have updated over the summer and have sat dormant while shutdown for the summer. While some, like the major internet browsers, have auto-checking for updates enabled by default and will update as soon as it is turned on, some software needs to be prompted to look for updates. And some updates may require the user to actively look up and download updates for the software.

Below are some links on how to automate your system’s updates.

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