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Locale Awareness

Wednesday, July 29, 2009 14:54

Computers are not only attacked from the network side, some attacks are made right from the keyboard. Be aware of your surroundings. How is your PC faced? Are there traffic areas near your PC that allow others to view your screen? Is your PC physically secure from theft or tampering?

Even if your PC is in a private office, there are some steps you can take to better protect your PC:

  • Especially if you work with FERPA protected information, make sure your screen is turned away from traffic areas.
  • If you can’t turn your screen and you need to step away, make sure you have a password-protected screen saver that you can activate.
  • Make sure to activate your PC’s login functionality and use a strong password.
  • Be aware of individuals passing by or hovering. Personal info and/or passwords can be gleaned from “shoulder-surfing”.