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Don’t Save That Password

Tuesday, September 29, 2009 15:00

Warn_LaptopMost modern browsers and applications that work online will save password information for the user. While this may seem like a useful tool this isn’t a good idea, especially on publicly available computers like a lab environment or kiosks or laptops and net-books, machines at risk of theft.

Users should be wary of leaving log-in information open to possible exploit. While lab and application developers take every precaution to secure this information, it opens the user’s log-in credentials to the risk of being stolen. Add to this, these applications can also store credit card and other personal information that could open the user to identity theft.

So, don’t let your browser save that password or any other personal data you wouldn’t be comfortable allowing a stranger to access.

Here’s a helpful link on how to turn off this feature in the major browsers.

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